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Top 5 Boarding Options for Your Pet

Pondering what you'll do with your pet when you go on your next vacation? Today, our Tazewell County vets share pet boarding options for you to consider, including our pet resort and spa. 

What to Do with Pets While You're on Vacation

Pets sometimes seem to have a sixth sense when it's time for their humans to travel - especially if they can't come along on the trip! You may find your dog starts to look more melancholy and forlorn as you get ready over those final few days before you leave, or that your cat climbs in the suitcase and is much more affectionate. 

One of the most important decisions any pet owner must make before they take off for faraway lands is what to do with their pets. Today, our Tazewell County vets share options for where to board your pet while you're out of town.

1. Pet Sitting

One way to make sure your pet is comfortable while giving yourself peace of mind is to put them in the professional hands of a qualified pet sitter. Many dogs and cats feel at ease in their own homes, so having an experienced pet sitter drop in to feed, play with and walk your dog might be a great option for you and your pet. 

Decide whether you'd like the sitter to simply visit your home daily (or perhaps multiple times during the day) to give your pet some social time, or have them stay at your place for the duration of your trip. 

2. Pet Resort or Spa

Want to give your pet a home away from home while you're jet-setting? Our team at Aboard the Ark Pet Resort and Spa is always happy to ensure your dog is cared for and content during their stay at our boarding facility if you'd like. Your dog can get their exercise and work off their energy in our outdoor run, then come into a clean, warm kennel. You can also rest assured your dog will be walked and fed nutritious meal. 

In our separate cat boarding area, kitties get one-on-one daily interaction depending on their preferences and their litter boxes are checked and cleaned throughout the day. Linens are refreshed and rooms are also cleaned daily. 

Our veterinarians also offer routine exams if you need to book your pet's next physical checkup while they stay with us. 

In addition, we offer medical boarding for pets who are recovering from a medical procedure or illness. 

3. In-Home Pet Boarding

While you might opt for a pet sitter, in-home pet boarding is an alternative. This option involves you bringing your animal to a pet sitter's house in your area before you leave for your vacation. Consider your pet's needs before deciding whether to choose in-home pet boarding or a pet sitter. 

With in-home animal boarding, your dog or cat will have the chance to socialize with other dogs while a responsible pet owner supervises. They'll also receive individual attention and perhaps more daily interaction depending on whether you were going to have a pet sitter stay at your home or just drop in to make sure you four-legged friend is cared for. As for budgeting considerations, in-home boarding is sometimes more affordable than a pet sitter and you'll have the added security of not having to leave your house keys with a sitter. 

There are various pet sitting websites that list the services of qualified pet sitters and in-home boarding services. 

4. Family Friend or Neighbor

Do your friends love to give your pet love and affection? Next time you need to leave town, you might consider your animal-loving or pet-owning friends to visit your pet so they can get some playtime in, as well as making sure your canine companion is fed and safe. 

Of course, the personality, responsibility and character of the friend or neighbor in question is essential, and they should have knowledge on pet care basics. Be equally cautious about choosing this option if your dog has special issues such as anxiety, has certain quirks or particular needs. And, be forewarned that if your cat has a history of marking new territory, this may be a problem that could strain the friendship. 

That said, pet owners your dog knows and likes that are friends to both of you may be the best option, especially if you can return the favor someday. 

5. Take Your Furry Friend with You

In certain circumstances, it might be fun and safe to travel with your pet. And, more hotels are becoming pet-friendly as the demand for pet-friendly services and excursions rises. For example, if you're off to camp at your family's favorite spot, your dog might enjoy the adventure. 

Don't forget to confirm that your vacation spot and itinerary is pet-friendly before you arrive, since many places including some beaches and parks have strict policies around pets and may not allow dogs. 

However, if your pet loves to travel this might be an opportunity to create some wonderful memories you'll treasure for years to come. 

Wondering whether our pet resort and spa is the right boarding option for your pet? Contact Aboard the Ark Pet Resort & Spa today with any questions you may have. 

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