Premium Veterinary Services for Your Pet in Tazewell County, Illinois for Over 45 Years

We strive to provide your pet with the very best and most current in veterinary care through cutting edge medicine. For you, the pet owner, we offer outstanding service – we want you to know you are part of our family. We are committed to advancing the knowledge base of our pet owners by using the skills of our excellent staff. We spend the time getting to know each and every owner and pet. ‘Knowledge is Power’ and the more we share with you the greater the benefit to everyone seeking care, most importantly, for the vulnerable among us — our pets.


Exams and immunizations are the cornerstone of high quality health care


Improving the lives of pets and their families with the safest possible procedures


Luxury pet resort and spa designed to accomodate all of your pet’s needs


Enhancing recovery, improving mobility, relieving pain, and limiting disabilities