Managing and Eliminating Your Pet’s Pain

We know that recognizing and alleviating pain in animals is the essence of good patient care. We offer you options for pain control to help keep your pet comfortable during the recovery process. We will use a multimodality approach to control pain that best fits you and your pet’s lifestyle and condition.

Therapeutic Laser Treatment

Pekin Veterinary Clinic is proud and excited to add therapeutic laser (low level laser) to our practice. Therapeutic laser provides an extremely effective and versatile modality that benefits many conditions and patients.

Advanced engineering (level IV laser) has allowed therapeutic laser to accomplish relief of pain, a reduction of inflammation, and an increase in the microcirculation within the tissues. The clinical result of this deep photobiomodulation is an accelerated healing time within the targeted tissues.

This proven therapy is being used worldwide and has become the standard of care for the physiotherapeutic treatment regarding pain management, wound healing, and as an anti-inflammatory mediator.

Laser therapy is a healing modality that can benefit a large and varied number of patients on a daily basis. Please call or inquire about this new therapy and talk to our staff and doctors on how therapeutic laser can benefit your pet family member.