Pekin Veterinary Clinic Customer Service Bill of Rights

Our promise to you and your pet

You Will Receive The Highest Quality Care for Your Pets.

Our team will endeavor to fulfill these rights with every interaction. Our mission is to treat your pet with the same love and quality care we would our own.

We pledge to treat you with courtesy and respect

  • You will be acknowledged and warmly greeted when you enter our facility.
  • Our staff will inform you of wait time due to emergencies and critical cases as soon as possible.
  • You will have all of your questions answered when asked. If a staff member does not know the correct answer, they will find out what is correct, and will contact you ASAP.
  • You will have all of your concerns addressed immediately in an emergency, the same day if critical, and within 24 hours if any other concerns.
  • You will have the phone call answered in a friendly manner within five rings and never be put on hold if your pet is experiencing a medical emergency.
  • Staff will be available to assist you to and from your car with your pet, belongings, supplies and to provide an umbrella or other needed support as necessary.
  • You will have any grievances or concerns addressed within 24 hours by appropriate managers.
  • Our team will strive to treat you like you are our only client.
  • You will have clean, well dressed, groomed, polite, professional, and well trained DVMs and support staff available to serve you and your pet.
  • You will have access to WiFi upon request, telephone, and refreshments.
  • Our facility will be clean, sanitary and odor free.

We pledge to prvide information about all aspects of your pet’s care

  • You will be offered a tour and visitation to see your pet while in the hospital.
  • You will be able to speak and visit with the veterinarian and support team daily while your pet stays with us.
  • You will be provided with accurate health care plans that we will explain.
  • You will be charged only for the products and services that are approved and kept informed on your daily charges.
  • We will give our best assessment as to your pet’s conditions and prognosis.
  • We will treat and care for your pet’s health in a compassionate and professional manner.

You will receive the highest quality care for your pets

  • A DVM and technician support team is available for your pet during clinic hours. We maintain the highest professional veterinary standards at all times.
  • Our DVM and support staff will be well trained and compassionate.
  • If we cannot provide the highest quality care for you, then we will find a specialist who can.
  • We will provide after hour emergency care through the Tri-County Emergency Clinic.
  • Our vast array of equipment will be modern, well-kept and skillfully used.