Aboard the Ark is a full service facility designed to accommodate all your pet care needs

  • Luxury Boarding – dogs, cats, birds, and exotics, including ferrets, reptiles, and pocket pets
  • Day Care Services – the same excellent care as long-term boarders
  • Premium Grooming Services – a variety of salon-type spa packages to pamper your special pet
  • Economy Ark Bath – includes a nail trim and ear cleaning


Gabby Tunyuck, Groomer/Kennel Assistant Manager

I am one of the assistant managers and groomers here at the Ark! I first started bathing back in 2013 during my senior year at Richwoods High School. I bathed for a year and then went to grooming academy in July of 2014. I always knew I wanted a career that involved animals and I hit the jack pot with this job! I fell in love with working hands on with the dogs everyday and the challenges it held. I’ve been grooming at the Ark since August of 2015 and feel right at home. I was then promoted to assistant manager in September of 2017. My boyfriend Zach and I now claim four fuzzy ones; Kimber, Kane, Kleo, and Leo. All of which are 60+ pound dogs! These five are my whole world. I am truly grateful to have this amazing job as well as wonderful people to work with!

Morgan Lusher, Groomer

Hello, my name is Morgan! I started working in the kennels and reception at the Ark in December of 2012, but underwent training to become a dog groomer in 2013.  I currently have a German shepherd named Samantha Jo, and a handful of rescue kitties… some of which even needed bottle-fed. I have always loved animals and I’m thankful to have a job that revolves around them. I love the job and the people and animals I work with!

Jenna Lowe, Kennel Assistant Manager

Hi, my name is Jenna! I have worked at Aboard the Ark since November of 2013. I am currently one of the Assistant Managers and mainly work the front desk as a receptionist; however, I have worked as a kennel assistant for many years as well as an assistant for the office management. I also work as an instructor for Puppy Kindergarten classes, which I am very excited about! I have always had a passion for animals. As of now, I have a Lab/Pointer mix named Wrigley (Go Cubs!) and a tabby named Cookie; however, I am planning on expanding my fur baby family as time goes on!

I recently graduated from Illinois Central College after completing my Associate Degree in Science and Business. I am currently attending the University of Illinois Springfield where I am studying Business Management with a major in Marketing. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work alongside such a fun, loving, and supportive group of people. I couldn’t have asked for a better company to work for and learn from- and the animals just add to the fun!

Megan Foster, Kennel Assistant

I started working at Aboard the Ark as a Kennel Assistant in August of 2016. I love working with animals every day; they make the job fun and interesting. I especially love rodents and have four rats named Sidney, Zipper, Snowie, and Zowie. I love my job and all of the amazing opportunities that come with it!

Hannah Finnegan, Kennel Assistant

I started working as a kennel assistant with Aboard the Ark in April 2016. Working as a kennel assistant has been a great experience and it has been a lot of fun to get to know everyone’s pets. In April 2018 I began working with Pekin Veterinary Clinic as an exam room assitant which has given me the opportunity to meet so many loving and dedicated owners and see the bond they have with their pets. I am grateful to have a job working with animals and to be able to work with such great people everyday.

My boyfriend and I currently have 3 kittens- Leo, Bandit and Aura who keep life interesting! In my spare time I enoy spending time with family and friends, hiking, going to antique stores, and just being outside.