Meet Our Administrative Staff

Tammy Jess, Hospital Administrator

I am one of the farmer’s daughters of this team. Growing up on a dairy farm in western Iowa I was surrounded by animals and could often be found tagging around under the feet of the veterinarian. How funny that I ended up married to one!

A 1982 graduate of Iowa State University, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. I enjoyed my design career for several years until Dr. Jess and I purchased the Pekin Veterinary Clinic in 1990. At that time, I began my second enjoyable career in veterinary management. Many classes and seminars later I have grown into this career as the clinic has grown. I now work as the Hospital Administrator managing our team of professionals, overseeing hiring and training, keeping tabs on the financials, assisting in the purchase of equipment and keeping our team up with the latest in continuing education and training.

Dr. Jess and I have three amazing children that have grown up to be wonderful adults. We are enjoying watching them make their way in the world. To fill the quiet in the house we brought home Lance. Lance is a high energy English Shepard who always has a big smile on his face. He is a total “momma’s boy” and loves to go anywhere I go, including my office. His favorite past time is running and I with I had something for him to herd as he would totally love that. His brother Finn is owned by our daughter and her husband and is Lance’s best friend. They are all boy when together and play, rough house, and tease one another constantly.

Our veterinary practice has been one of the biggest joys and challenges for me personally over the years. I have enjoyed the opportunity to get to know many of our wonderful clients and their pets. I have also enjoyed the challenge of designing and overseeing the building of Aboard the Ark in 1998, and the designing and renovation of the veterinary hospital in 2007. These projects provide me with the necessary “right brain” creative thinking I need to survive, combining my interior design expertise with my knowledge of veterinary medicine. The result is our beautiful facility designed to make us more efficient and able to practice better medicine for you and your pets.

I am enjoy serving you and my team at Pekin Veterinary Clinic. My office is not near the front of the building, so I am a bit more isolated than I used to be, but don’t let that stop you from asking for me and saying “hello” when you are here. I will be ahappy to give you a “behind the scenes” tour or just catch up a bit with one another.

Diane Chamberlin, Human Resources Specialist

I have been involved in the veterinary industry my entire life. I started working at Aboard the Ark when I was 14 and continued working regularly until I went to college. Even then, I came back home and worked at the Ark over the summer and during holiday breaks. I stepped away from PVC for a few years while pursuing my graduate degree and working as a therapist; however, I just couldn’t stay away. I am now working as a receptionist and exam room assistant, and I truly enjoy what I do!

My husband Tommy and I  have three furry children. Martin, our oldest kitty, is a sweet cuddle bug. Pepper is our youngest kitty. She is a spunky, tiny tabby who loves to play. Our newest family member is Finn, an English Shepherd who is very smart and loves attention. They keep us busy when we’re not working, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shelly Laux, Practice Manager

I’ve lived in Pekin all my life. I have two great kids of my own, and married Michael in 2009, and now we have five great kids combined. As for my animal family, we have four dogs, Toby, my wonderful lab, my collection of poodles, Jackson, Tucker and Buckley, and then there is Giles, who doesn’t know he is a cat.  He can sit, shake paws and even roll over. I enjoy crocheting and taking care of flowers in my yard, but I spend most of my spare time taking care of my animals. There is always someone wanting to go for a walk if not all of them.

I have been with Dr. Jess and Tammy here at Pekin Veterinary Clinic since 1996. I have had many duties through the years: technician, inventory, ordering, scheduling and managing. From our great staff to our wonderful clients and our adorable patients I am very lucky to have a career that I can truly say I enjoy coming to work every day.